Belle-Île and Shopping 1

Save the 90

A new mission, a new challenge, with the design and development of events for two well-known shopping centers. The theme chosen by the customer, SAVE THE 90’s!

For Belle-Île, to attract visitors’ attention, we worked on a visual décor composed of various rubik’s cube hangers, smileys, colored ribbons and tetris pieces. Inside this area, visitors could discover a retro gaming zone with arcade terminals and lounges.

For Shopping 1 in Genk, we recreated the living room of a cult animated series. Visitors could take photos of themselves in this more-than-realistic setting.

Would you like to create an event in your shop? Challenge us!

CUSTOMER: Belle-île (Liège) and Shopping 1 (Genk)

TYPE : Decoration

YEAR: 2022