Eco-responsible events




MAY 8, 2019

When the ephemeral becomes an everlasting memory!


So Event focuses on eco-responsible events

As part of our eco-responsible approach, we aim to make your events both more qualitative and more environmentally friendly. With a more sustainable vision, we focus on solutions that reduce the negative impact of your events on the environment while increasing the positive repercussions.

Eco-responsibility starts at the office

For us, the eco-responsibility of your event begins as soon as we arrive at the office. The installation of photovoltaic panels enables us to produce green energy. We use it both in the day-to-day work of our agency and to recharge our battery-powered products. Our offices are also equipped with a rainwater tank to collect and reuse rainwater. 

Transportation costs 

To get to your event, why not promote greener solutions such as public transport, green shuttles or carpooling? We can help you think up and promote solutions to reduce the CO2 emissions of your events. 

Your event’s power consumption

By working in-house with battery-powered products, we aim to reduce your event’s electricity consumption. In fact, our technical department is constantly investing in new products that are not only more compact and high-quality, but also more energy-efficient. Our battery-powered LED spotlights ensure long-lasting operation at your event. They are recharged at our warehouse, thanks to our photovoltaic panels. This allows us, to a lesser extent, to use green energy for your events. 

The right partners

We rely on partners who are in tune with our eco-responsible vision of events. Indeed, our technical department is keen to invest in solutions that are both cutting-edge and sustainable. We also ensure that our catering offers are consistent with these values. We also favor short circuits wherever possible to keep local markets alive, which is both economically and ecologically beneficial. 

Digital communication

In the interests of eco-responsibility, we limit the use of print media to what is strictly necessary for the smooth running of your event. You can also use digital media such as email, social networks or online advertising. 

Durable equipment

By working with ecologically-minded suppliers, we give priority to the use of reusable materials for both crockery and technical equipment. For several years now, our technical department has been using metal frames as partition walls for stands, checkrooms, bars and other events. These aluminum frames can be reused up to 200 times, and produce less CO2 than wooden partitions. 

Eco-responsibility is not just a matter of everyday gestures. For us, it’s essential to be able to act in the events sector towards a more sustainable future. In our day-to-day work, we put in place small actions that help make your events more eco-responsible, for a better future.