White & wood in the spotlight


white & wood in the spotlight


SEPTEMBER 25, 2019

When the ephemeral becomes an everlasting memory!


Bring a touch of sleek Scandinavian to the heart of your event with our range of furniture.

The Scandinavian trend has been all the rage for several years now! Why not try out this trend at your corporate events? Our range of white and wood furniture is perfect for this purpose.

A warm universe

By blending the chic design of our white furniture with touches of wood, we bring a warm dimension to your reception venue. So that each event can offer its own universe, our furniture offers different combinations and styles.

A dynamic

Our Scandinavian range is growing by the day: coffee tables, fur poufs, dining tables, high tables, chairs, stools and more. This palette allows us to offer you a dynamic layout, mixing heights and styles.

Decoration: the little extra

Our Scandinavian-inspired furniture, combined with specific decorations, can plunge your guests into a totally different world. Add plants and hanging baskets, and your guests will be transported to a Green Fever world! Put in candles and fur instead, and they’ll project themselves into a chic Scandinavian ambience.

Discover below some projects that feature our white & wood furniture.