When the event comes to you


when the event comes to you!


OCTOBER 25, 2019

When the ephemeral becomes an everlasting memory!


Having trouble finding the right venue for your event? What if your company was the perfect place?

When you’re looking for the ideal venue for your event, there are often many criteria to consider: location, type of venue, capacity, amenities, price, and so on. Finding the place that combines all your criteria can be tricky. This is often when you start to despair. But the solution may be right in front of you. Why shouldn’t your company be the perfect place? Whether you need to add a marquee or create a reception area on your premises, we can help you find the optimum solution.


If your guests are already on site, organizing your event on your premises is a real time-saver. Your employees will be able to enjoy an afterwork without having to travel! This not only saves your teams time, but also reduces travel. No need to drive or carpool to the reception venue. Time savings go hand in hand with reduced environmental impact.

Highlighting your facilities

You look at your company and all you see is a big, cold, dark warehouse? Give us a few hours to transform it into a real reception venue. Lighting, decoration, furnishings and sound systems will dress up your venue for a total transformation. The perfect opportunity to surprise your guests, employees and/or partners, who will discover your buildings from a whole new angle.

A feeling of proximity

Introducing your guests to your company will also create a feeling of closeness. For your employees, it’s an opportunity to unite their teams in a context different from their day-to-day work. And for your customers and partners, it’s a great way to discover your company and get to know your workspace.

Cost reduction

And when you decide to hold your event in-house, you avoid the expense of renting a venue. This means you can divide your budget differently, and give yourself more freedom when it comes to decoration, food, services and entertainment.

Here are just a few of the projects we’ve carried out.