UGC for your events




MAY 28, 2019

When the ephemeral becomes an everlasting memory!


Why use UGC for your events?

UGC, more commonly known as User Generated Content, refers to content created by Internet users about a company or brand. Whether it’s produced by your employees, your customers, your clients or your partners, this content is authentic and sometimes even highly qualitative. Today, UGC has become essential for a brand. If it’s not to be neglected in your communication campaigns, it’s not to be forgotten at your events either. Find out why!

1. UGC makes your event go viral

An event is often the perfect opportunity to create content. In fact, if your guests experience a unique moment, there’s a good chance they’ll share it! Whether your event is public or private, once it is relayed by your guests, it gets even more visibility. Combined with properly invested influencer marketing, you can quickly become THE place to be or THE brand to know!

2. UGC feeds your news

When you offer your guests a unique experience – be it through atypical decoration, original entertainment or exceptional culinary delights – they produce content. Not everything is good for reuse, but some publications can be very qualitative. Keep an eye on the content produced around your event and select, for example, a few posts to share on your own networks. Not only does this allow you to feed your news, it also creates real interaction with your community.

3. UGC encourages trust

User experience is now an essential part of your marketing strategy. Indeed, it has a major influence and brings more credibility in the eyes of “Mr. Everyman”. An event that your guests talk about lends credibility to your image and reaffirms your positioning.

4. UGC boosts your SEO

SEO-friendly content, published by your guests, improves your organic SEO. When guests create content, they can use keywords, link back to your site, offer testimonials, etc… All these actions are taken into account by Google’s algorithms and help reinforce your SEO strategy.

User Generated Content is often good for your brand. Authentic, lively content gives you both credibility and visibility. We do everything we can to optimize your event. Our main mission is to work with you to create a unique event that your guests will be talking about!