Our COVID safe solutions




JANUARY 5, 2021

When the ephemeral becomes an everlasting memory!

In the face of the health crisis we are experiencing, So Event offers you tailored solutions

Living in a time of pandemic requires us to adapt our lifestyles: work environments and event spaces need to be rethought. To help you, we put our expertise and professional equipment at your disposal.

Ephemeral solutions

We’ll be happy to help you rethink your working environment to suit your needs. With our modular partitions, we create and redefine your workspace. Our various temporary partition solutions:

  • Partitions to divide spaces;
  • Ephemeral corridors ;
  • Parlors with transparent partitions and audio systems ;
  • Individual partitioned locker ;
  • Single rooms or cabins ;
  • Box for reception desk ;
  • Ephemeral vaccination center;
  • Signage: road markings, totems, TV screens, touch-screen terminals;
  • Lighting and sound systems for the new zones;
  • Made to measure.
Secure events

Not only is it becoming necessary to rethink our workspaces, but also the way we design events. We will listen to your needs to create an event that suits you, that is safe and respects the event protocol established by the National Security Council:

  • Management of registrations and participant flows ;
  • Setting up control zones ;
  • One-way traffic lanes ;
  • Area management and development in accordance with the protocol ;
  • Mobile solutions ;
  • Event staff coordination and COVID-safe briefing;
  • Made to measure.

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