And the nominees are…


And the nominees are...


JANUARY 15, 2020

When the ephemeral becomes an everlasting memory!


With the Grammys just around the corner, we present our top 5 nominees… with a twist!

The 2020 Grammy Awards take place on January 26. This famous ceremony rewards the music industry’s best musicians and technicians in numerous categories. For the occasion, we’ve put together a top 5 list of nominees who we think will win every award in 2020.

In the novelty category: our thematic moodboards

Initially timid in 2018, they finally took center stage in 2019. This novelty has proved its worth over the past year, and still has plenty of surprises in store for us. By adapting to the different needs of our customers, we have gradually developed clearly identifiable thematic concepts: from decoration and entertainment to layout and lighting, every element is designed to fit into a central theme. Our moodboards give you a concrete idea of what your event could be like, based on a precise thematic concept.

In the best duo of the year category: our designer wooden tables

A pairing that extends our furniture range! As a high table or a dining table, we offer two versions of our table combining white and wood. These new furnishings have a “clean Scandinavian” design that blends perfectly with a wide range of thematic concepts. Our large-format tables can seat 6 to 8 people for your events.

In the Discovery of the Year category: our sloping décor

Who hasn’t used the traditional photobooth at an event? We know from experience that this is one of your guests’ favorite spots during the evening. That’s why we try to make this experience unique with ever more atypical concepts. This year, we wanted to highlight our leaning décor, another new feature for 2019. An upside-down room in which your guests strike crazy poses.  Once the photo is turned, the result is… stunning!

In the best composition category: our incandescent bulbs

The last of 2019, this composition matured a great deal in the minds of our technical department before seeing the light of day. Finally, at the end of the year, she decided to add a new dimension to your events. Just raise your eyes to the sky and let the harmony created by hundreds of bulbs suspended at various heights above your heads guide you. 

In the best album category: the made-to-measure event
An album is a set of compositions deliberately conceived and delivered by an artist and his team to an audience with the aim of offering a unique experience. For us, each event is conceived like an album; it is designed to be unique and guided by a common thread, it blends the expertise of different service providers to achieve the perfect combination and, finally, it listens to your desires and those of the audience. We take a holistic approach to each event, making it unique. Even more so in 2020, our team is committed to making your event a lasting memory!

Below, discover our nominees in pictures.